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In memory of Justin “JewWario” Carmical

As you’ve all probably heard repeated countless of times now, last night the world was shook by the news of the passing of Justin “JewWario” Carmical.

It’s true that Justin left TGWTG last year, but I wanted to say a few words, because most of us found him through the site. His videos were one of the firsts I ever watched, and from day one I was absolutely amazed and hooked. He was an entertainer, one of the best in my view, and he got me and countless other people through some tough times… and it pains me to know that he’s now gone.

Therefore I would still like to encourage everyone to give a little thought, not only to Justin, his family and friends, but those you love. If you know someone who’s suffered or to this day suffers from Suicidal Tendencies or Depression, please reach out to them. Please tell them you love them. But know that sometimes, even kind words can’t save someone.

Some people didn’t ever get the chance to meet him, but I did. And in the short year we knew each other, to have called him my friend, and to have the absolute HONOR to have had him call me his. From day one I was so at ease with him, it amazed me. We talked on Skype nearly daily; true our conversations were never long, but they gave me hope. They made me happy.

It wasn’t long ago I saw him face to face. It wasn’t long ago we talked.

And there won’t go a day that I won’t think of him, or the joy he brought me, and so many others.

Rest in Peace, Justin

With Love,

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Anonymous asked: Would it be okay to use these gifs as reaction gifs without credit, or should I always make sure to link back here when I use them?

I think most of us just use them without credit? I mean, if you find a gif that you like and we’ve reblogged it from someone else, it’d probably be for the best to go ask them first, but if they’ve been posted on here, I’m sure it’s okay? At least that’s my opinion of the whole thing… But I’m just a poor little admin >_>;;

- Dani

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kittenesque asked: I'm surprised I haven't found this blog before. Thank you for existing! <3

You’re welcome! We promise to start actually posting things again soon. 


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thenerdyarewordy asked: Hi! I just started a blog called derpytgwtg where we allow users to submit photos and gifs of channel awesome reviewers so we can appreciate their glorious faces. I was hoping for a little approving nod from you guys? I love your work!

HEY. GUYS. go follow this blog. It sounds brilliant.


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